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Established in 2003, English World is the pioneer in Personality Development, IELTS & Spoken English Classes in Dehradun. These courses are conducted online due to the current Covid-19 phase. We offer crash courses as well as intensive training courses depending on your current English level. We are the official channel partners of IDP Education, owner of IELTS examination.

English World’s journey began way back in 2002 in Chandigarh and we taught English to more than 15000 students so far. The mission of this organization is to promote English language skills for one and all so that a person doesn’t feel inadequate due to English proficiency.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people are simply unwilling to do.

Surbhi Srivastav
Director, English World


As Founder and Director of English World, Surbhi Srivastav has helped develop English language workshops and grooming programs that have transformed the lives of students, housewives and working professionals and has altered the course of English education throughout the country.


18 Years experience of teaching English Language, Personality Development & IELTS Preparation.


English World’s story of transforming students life into a full and successful life is the inspiration behind our topics around teaching others that it is possible to do the same through education. Our team enjoys teaching the importance of education as a whole.

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